Road Map

Next Scheduled Update

Version: 1.4

Target Date: May 17, 2018

Targeted Additions

  • Sound options added to in-game pause menu
  • Back-end software updates

Recent Updates

Version: 1.3

April 20, 2018

Change Notes

  • End of promotional period for Lily Fields spot
  • Back-end software updates

Version: 1.2
March 22, 2018

Change Notes

  • New Lily Fields spot

Version: 1.1
November 17, 2017

Change Notes

  • Main menu optimization
  • New levels
  • Endless “practice” mode (with no entry fee for any difficulty)
  • Trolling motor controls

Version: 1.0
July 6, 2017

Major Additions
Initial public Android release!

Change Notes

  • Initial public release!
  • Installed ads for Free Edition (one video ad every other tournament)
  • Installed rewarded video ads to receive more in-game cash at any time
  • Raised Founder Edition starting cash amount to $10,000 (given if you run low)
  • Changed game icon to match store icon
  • Added new back button for deep main menu panels

Version: 0.5.6 beta
June 22, 2017

Major Additions
Minor shoreline level redesign, addition of “lite mode” for slower devices, improved loading times for multiple scenes, and adding the Founder’s Edition IAP (limited time offer with access to all current and future game features).

Change Notes

  • Added more reeds and new boats to the shoreline area
  • Improved loading times of intro and gameplay scenes
  • Added a “Lite Mode” in options (for slower devices experiencing issues with jittery gameplay)
  • Added Founder’s Edition IAP
  • Reworked main menu to accommodate new options

Version: 0.5.5 beta
May 18, 2017

Major Additions
Updated game sounds

Change Notes

  • Sound overhaul
  • Minor bug fixes

Version: 0.5.4 beta
May 04, 2017

Major Additions
Patch to fix retrieval bug on some devices

Change Notes

  • Fixed retrieval not working intermittently on some devices
  • Added custom analytics for tracking game usage and results


Targeted Updates

Please note that targeted updates can change drastically. Game development requires a lot of experimentation and not every plan works out. Don’t get too attached to an idea listed here. If something isn’t fun when tested – it won’t make it to an official release.


First Additional Fishing Spot
October/November 2017
Addition of another fishing area to choose from (and possibly a continuous  play mode)

Trolling Motor Controls
October/November 2017
This has been the most requested feature to date. Controls will allow you to move the boat manually and work around cover with pinpoint accuracy.

Test version for iOS
Late 2017
iOS beta release



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